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92hands is a movement that started when two lifelong friends, Sam Lucas Lubyogo (Levixone) and Emmanuel Nsabaanye (Trinity) shared their desire to see lives transformed in their community through the love of Jesus Christ. They were both born in the same year, 1992 and because they lived in the same community they met at age seven and became best friends. They grew up in the slums of Kosovo, one of the biggest slums in Kampala and faced the same challenges of crime, illiteracy, violence and witchcraft. Lucas did not have the opportunity to grow up with his biological father and was raised by his step father. It was a confusing time for him and because of the way he was being treated at home, he ran away from home to the streets at age nine. He figured being with his friends on the streets was better than the mistreatment at home. Emmanuel also joined him and together they got introduced to a world of lawlessness, drugs and crime. On many occasions they had to steal in order to have what to eat. Life on the streets was not easy and they spiralled deeper into the dark world of crime. Many of their friends did not survive the unbearable conditions and would end up committing suicide or getting killed for petty theft.

An organisation called Fields of Life constructed a school in their neighbourhood called Treasured Kids Primary School and was put under the care of Word of Life Community church. Getting enrolled there was a blessing for them. While there, they started getting involved in church activities and were introduced to the message of salvation and they gave their lives to Jesus Christ. They often participated in football matches at the school and were actually good at it. They became diligent and started paying attention and improved in their studies. At church, they joined the youth choir because they both loved to sing. Through Fields of Life, they received sponsorship and they continued with their studies until they finished high school. They started to feel a very deep sense of responsibility to act on the things that they had grown up seeing and make a difference.

In 2014, 92hands was born and they have used it as a platform to mobilise local youths in Uganda to live out their lives by sharing the love of Christ through serving the needs of the people of their communities.


    We desire to inspire and motivate our peers to serve their communities as Jesus served us.


    Those who serve and those being served are transformed as they encounter Jesus love.

Sam Lucas Lubyogo (Levixone)

Sam Lucas Lubyogo is a gospel singer and founder of Levixone music, who goes by the stage name Levixone. He is using his gift of music to spread a message of hope and transformation to all who hurt. He is co-founder of 92hands, a youth movement that moblizes youths to cause the change they wish to see in their communities.


Emmanuel Nsabaanye (Trinity)

Emmanuel Nsabaanye (Trinity) is a social entrepreneur, graphic designer and philanthropist. He is the founder of era92 Media, a youth creative agency that is training and employing Uganda's young adults in design, arts and technology and co-founder of 92hands, a youth movement that mobilises youths to transform their communities through the love of Jesus Christ.


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One Child Sponsorship Co-ordinator

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Assistant One Child Sponsorship Co-ordinator

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Communications Manager

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