Why Feed Families at Christmas

We reach out to feed the needy people in our community. The 25th of December is the day we remember Christ’s birth. The day is celebrated each calendar year by billions around the world.

In the same spirit of celebration, one young man invited a friend to share a Christmas lunch with him at his home 18 years ago. At that time, Christmas was nothing to these boys but a day that an unusual amount of food was cooked. It was the only day of the year they could enjoy more than one bottle of their favorite soft drink.

Unlike previous Christmas celebrations, this was different for both boys because they got to witness the joy of giving and receiving. Over the years, these two have carried on the tradition of sharing Christmas with families in their community who could not afford a special meal.

Since 2014, these two boys have spearheaded a youth movement called 92Hands which serves people who are struggling in the community. Each Christmas they now add their savings to donations from friends and share the joy of Christ’s birth with neighbor’s. 

The Feeding Kosovo Challenge as it is now known, is in its 3rd year. Over the past 2 years the event has fed close to 500 families (that’s approximate to 3000 people). More importantly, over youth 40 volunteers are engaged today and share the vision of becoming the change they want to see in their community. 

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