The Problem

1 out of 4 children in Katanga are Orphans, The main reason for the rampant rise in numbers of these orphans in katanga is child neglect, Most of these children after being born are abandoned by their mothers, guardians and thrown on the streets, wastes disposal areas, and it is from such places that we discover and pick them from.

Yearning for their mothers and fathers has  negatively affected their ability to develop coping strategies, which lead to isolation, sadness, hopelessness, lack of peace, and fear of an uncertain future.

Many young children are continuing to be abondoned by their mothers, without our ontervention these kids end up becoming street kids, joining gangs and prostitution.

Helen the Pride of Katanga

Helen, a 35 year old single mother, is our hero! We found her living in Katanga together with over 21 orphaned children under her custody. They all stayed in a one roomed house which is partially used for her tailoring business.

In Katanga, girls are subject to abuse of all sorts including sexual harrasment, rape, defilement and sex trafficking. Young girls who are weak and defenseless are always the target of sexual predators. Seeing all this happen in her eyes, Hellen took it upon herself to protect the girls in Katanga as everyone else just looked on. She joined boxing to learn self defense skills which in turn she taught the young girls through a boxing club she started. With these self defense skills, the girls could fight their way out of abuse or any attacks.

>Helen is a testimony of the 92hands US4Women program. Through its training, she has been able to earn a living and provide shelter to 25 children (mostly orphans) after realizing they had no place to call home.

We are working with heroes like Hellen in slums across Uganda to create hope and survival for those who are sidelined and underprivileged.

Apparently we are supporting 40 orphans off the street

As 92 Hands, we discovered Helen’s family during one of our community outreaches. and quickly picked interest in helping and making their lives better. 

Monthly we support this family by buying food packages and paying pending utilities. 

We have managed to send 17 children back to school with full tuition and scholastic materials. 

We also stand with Hellen by providing a market for her finished goods and by this she is able to earn a living and also meet needs at home.

For $50 (full sponsorship) and $30 (half sponsorship) a month, you'll help a child in Katanga to get the education they need to stand tall, free from poverty.

How you can help Katanga Orphans

Hellen and her Family are prone to face many barriers in their community such as hunger, illiteracy, floods leading to being homeless and many other

Below are some of the ways you are able to assist Hellen to escape such barriers:

  • Monthly Rent

    $150 can provide Provide a shelter for 5 orphans in Katanga
  • Monthly Food

    $100 can feed three orphans for a month
  • School Fees

    $50 per month you can sponsor a child in school and also provide scholastic materials.
  • Clothing

    $40 You can donate or buy clothes for the less privileged orphans in Katanga.
  • Medical Care

    $30 per month can provide healthcare for three orphans.


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Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved

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