Friends of 92 hands have pledged $10,000 in matching funds.
Your gifts will be doubled up to our goal of $20,000.

What Your Donations Will Do

Plant Life Gardens in Kyaka II

Our friends in Kyaka II Refugee Camp face chronic hunger everyday. Our sustainable solution is to acquire pieces of land within the camp where they can plant their own food and feed more regularly.

We know that when food as a basic need is no longer a challenge, refugees can strive for bigger things like education/skills training and get out of poverty for good.

Equip Vulnerable Women with Business Skills

Our goal is to help move women from the slums into long-term sustainability, not dependence upon any outside source.

Women are skilled in tailoring, baking, hairdressing and make-up under our one year long program, US4Women. Women graduate with skills that can allow them to start a business and look after their families better.

Take children back to school

In Uganda, schools have been closed the longest compared to everywhere else in the world. In January 2022, schools will be opened again.

With your donations, you’ll be restoring hope for parents who had long given up on their children’s education journey due to financial constraints.

Provide Skilled Women with Start-up Loans

Your donations will provide single mothers in the slums with financial loans to become profitable entrepreneurs.

You will also be helping women whose businesses went under during the second wave of Covid’19.

In 2020 on Giving Tuesday, you provided meals to 9000 refugees, 400 families in the slums of Kosovo and Katanga including skills training for 100 women.


Every dollar given by Dec. 31 allows us to plan effectively for 2022.

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Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved

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