Why Build and Fix Broken Houses

At 92hands we demonstrate God’s love by helping people in our community to find adequate shelter. At times, this means repairing a house or in extreme cases even building one. But a home is more than a roof and four walls so 92Hands also works with families to share food, water, materials and friendship. We want our communities to be places where people are loved and cared for.

The Wise Builders, part of the 92Hands movement, was birthed when the team decided to take action to help a struggling neighbor. This neighbor’s house had broken walls and filthy water would enter the house. The family would get sick over and over again. Leaders of 92Hands heard Jesus’s voice telling us to take action and in May 2016 the 92hands team repaired this families home. Today the family remains dry and sickness is less frequent. 

At Wise builders, we are not just doing this to put walls around families, our vision is to demonstrate God’s Love by helping those who struggle. We purpose to share God’s love in practical ways, to encourage people, and to share the hope of the Gospel. 

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