One Child - Introducing Kemigisha

In Kosovo as a community, there are many children who are unable to join school simply because their parents cannot afford school fees. As 92hands, we were able to identify two kids that have never gone to school and we decided to support them by sending them back to school.

One of them is a girl named Kemugisha Uwera. She came to Uganda from Rwanda with her parents and two sisters. They came to Uganda looking for jobs but didn't find any unfortunately. They ended up on the streets of Kampala where they lived until a pastor gave them a place to stay for a while. The place provided was not enough to facilitate the entire family as it was a tiny room. It was hard for both the parents and the kids to sleep at the same time as they had to take turns for the sake of comfort. 

Kemigisha and her family attended a crusade in Kosovo a community where we operate. As they called the kids to come in front with their prayer requests. Kemigisha stepped forward and her request was "IF ONLY I COULD GET A CHANCE TO SCHOOL” One of the 92hands members named Rhoda Bakuzi heard her requesting this from God and she picked interest in her. She went ahead to find more information about her and her family. Rhoda called on to her fellow volunteers and as a team, they were able to send Kemigisha to school. By God's grace, she is now a pupil at Treasured Kids Primary School.

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