Giving Education To Kids in Kosovo

In the slum Of Kosovo where population is mostly children, people go through life boggling situations. The children are raised by torn families mostly single mothers and guardians.Due to mass poverty, the children of Kosovo are very disadvantaged as their families cannot provide them with all basics. The families normally choose between education and meals. The kids going to school normally make it on an empty tummy and without scholastic materials.

In the worst case scenario, a family is incapable of sending their child to school for even a school term. These unfortunate children are taught early to help at home and fend for themselves. They take on odd jobs at a very early age such as fetching water. It is heart wrenching to see these young children who have big dreams waste our their future because they cannot afford school fees and school requirements. However,  God has enabled 92 Hands to send 200 children to school Term one 2017, through the BACK TO SCHOOL campaign. This was through giving a few of them school fees and others scholastic materials like Pencils, Books, Sets, Rulers. The volunteers also took it upon themselves to counsel the children and assure them that despite what they are going through, God loves them and cares for them; for the Bible says ‘ Let the little children come to me For the kingdom of God belongs to them . 

Through the campaign, 92 hands aims at letting the children of Kosovo know that someone out there cares for them and their dreams. We want them to have as much hope as other children across the globe.  All Glory to God who has enabled us bring a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and a new hope because they knew WE care. As earlier noted, 92 hands managed to send only 200 children out of  the many children we hoped to help. Many failed to go back to school this term yet they would have loved to begin with the rest of their colleagues. We therefore pray for God’s provision and also appeal to anyone anywhere who feels the need to help these children.Let us get started by joining hands and  connecting in order to give hope to the young generation of  Kosovo. These are leaders and parents of tomorrow. Educating these young ones will bring a great change to this small community for generations.

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