Feeding Kosovo 2016

This year we focused more on the Local Donors, and we organized a Charity Concert called Share Love Concert where we headlined Levixone one of the founders of 92hands a well known gospel artistes in Uganda, the concert took place at Royal Suites Bugolobi - the concert was really successful though we dint get the targeted amount of money we wanted for Feeding

Kosovo, in that case we had to fundraise more locally and then we reached out to our friends in the west and we were able to raise enough money for 179 Families and on the other side our Volunteer Team were busy out in our community reached out and registering people who would receive a meal on the 24th of December. Our targeted families where 150 but because of the big need the community coordinators Maureen and Rhoda registered more 29 families that would go hungry on Christmas Day and that raised the number of families to 179. We believed for God's provision and he provided exceedingly above what we had planned because at the end of the day its all about him Proverbs 16:33 says that we may role the dice but the lord determines how they fall! 

23rd Came over 13 Volunteers came out to help pack the food in the bags, the package included tomatoes, Onions, spaghetti, cooking oil, curry powder, Irish potatoes, rice and yellow beans plus a big bottle of soda, it seemed like the volunteers were having fun together it dint seem like hard work yet it was, helping their neighbors and having fun to.

On 24th over 30 volunteers came, press came, and we were ready to go out and bring hope and Joy to families in our community, it was really amazing to see people receiving their meals because we believe this is what Christmas is all about! Sharing, Loving, Giving, Celebration and Joy - the Handouts we gave sparked all those in these families.

This time it was not all about giving handouts only we went with the Good news, as some volunteers were handing out bags, some stayed behind sharing the Love of Christ with these families and Thank God - People were able to give their lives to the Lord, we prayed with them, we encouraged them and shared a meal with them. It all boils down to us! What can we do to bring hope to peoples lives as 92hands we seek out to become more like Jesus - You can become change, you can help us effect change together we can!

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