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We desire to inspire and motivate our peers
to serve their communities as Jesus served us.


Those who serve and those being served are
transformed as they encounter Jesus love.

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92hands is a movement of like-minded citizens who are serving their community. 92hands began with two lifetime friends Nsabaanye Emma (Trinity) and Lubyonga Sam (Levixone). Trinity and Levixone shared a common vision to serve people in their community who had less and were struggling. They shared a desire to see lives transformed through the love of Jesus.

Today, 92hands works in a slum area known as Kosovo in the Kampala village called Lungujja. While this area has many families that manage to thrive, many families exist on little more than $1 a day and children fail to thrive. Providing adequate nutrition, clean water, protection from Mosquitos, and education is a daily trial for these families. The 92Hands team engages to oppose these issues and help their neighbours thrive.